Siamnd Ossi

BIM Coordinator. Architect. Founder

ArchiRator is a computer-generated architecture tool that enables architects to generate and evaluate multiple design options in the preliminary design stage. Using parametric criteria, the most favorable floor plans are chosen from the array of options available.

EinstiegIN is a project designed to provide professional guidance for skilled workers in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry who have a migration background. The project's primary goal is to assist this group in establishing their careers in Germany.

Competitive and affordable outsourcing service for architectural visualization. – Coming Soon –

UFFA (United for Fire Awareness) is a platform that encourages people to share their ideas and contribute to the fight against destructive wildfires, especially in conflict-ridden areas.

Siamnd Ossi

/Siya•mənd Osse/


As a BIM specialist, architect, and experienced startup founder, I have a unique blend of skills and expertise that sets me apart in the AEC industry. Through my +7 years of professional experience I have broadened my career in Germany and MENA, designed and participated in international projects, and learned several human and programming languages.

Education & Honors

– Master’s degree in architectur with specialization in the construction industry. Highlights: BIM, Off Site construction & Design Optimization

– Architectural Competition: My first design project in Germany “Alt Rehse Museum” won the second place in an architectural competition 2017

– Appreciation Certificate for achieving the first rank in the general Architectural Proficiency Test

– Advanced BIM and Revit Training [N+P Informationssysteme GmbH]

– Advanced Time Management [one-time workshop]

– Developing Business Ideas for Startup [workshop]

– German Business Coaching: Understanding the German Business Marketing

– PHP Development: Advanced Databases [online course]

Full professional proficiency

Professional working proficiency

Native or bilingual proficiency

Native or bilingual proficiency


Revit 90%
Navisworks 80%
Data Visualization (Power BI) 70%
Web/ Data (WordPress/ PHP) 70%
3D Visualization (Rendering) 80%
MS Power Automate 50%


2020 – Present
– Specialized in industrial and logistic constructions besides the architectural design
– Responsible for the development of internal productivity and communication tools

2017 – 2018
– Designing over 10 projects in different phases according to the German HOAI LP 1–5
– Development of customer presentations and 3D proposals
– Preparation of implementation and work drawings for new construction, Renovation, and Restoration.
– Participation in architectural competitions.

2013 – 2016
– Architectural design of over 20 projects, mainly in the residential and commercial sector
– Development of fitout proposals for luxury properties
– FF&E preparation in retail construction
– Responsible for customer communication and the design department
–  CAD management: developing an individual CAD library with over 300 detailed components

2011 – 2012
– Assistant as architectural designer in two medium sized single-family houses.
– Branding & graphic design: Corporate Design, company flyers, and exposés.

– C++: developing automation plugins for Revit

– Custom & advanced scripting with Dynamo BIM

– Parametric layout with generative design

– InterKlim Kassel
Voluntary participation in the climate project InterKlim in Kassel city

– Own Voluntary Projects
EinstiegIn & UFFA 


Good buildings come from good people, ad all problems are solved by good design.

Visualization Portfolio • 2013 - 2018 • Description in German


English & German
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BIM Siamnd Ossi

Wie kann BIM effektiv verwendet werden?

Warum BIM Die Gesamtwirkung von BIM (Building Information Modeling) auf allen Beteiligten eins Bauvorhabens ist enorm. BIM hat es verändert, wie Gebäude entworfen und gebaut